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Thursday, December 20, 2007

May I Have This Dance?

Okay, here's one for ya . . .

Just what the heck is a Mannheim Steamroller anyway? I always sort of pictured this group of hardcore metal guys, since that name sounds so industrial. But, then I actually listened to a song and . . . not so much. I am now under the assumption that this is not a band or group at all, but merely a dude in his pajamas with one of those super-duper casio keyboards with the pre-recorded bank of "realistic" drum sounds. Has anyone actually seen the members of Mannheim Steamroller? I would love to be proven wrong here, because the name is so intriguing.

And for that matter, why does my local radio station refer to The Transiberian Orchestra as simply TSO? News Flash - That does not (repeat DOES NOT) make them any cooler or enhance the quality of the musical product in anyway. Just a heads up on that one.

As any casual PS reader will attest, we like our music here at The Station. Even Christmas music. There are some really great songs out there that only get played around this time of the year.

And then there's this sub-genre of somewhat-less-than-awesome music out there that has mysteriously been invited to the party.

Now, I'm not complaining (I would never do that). It's a free country. If John Tesh and Sally Struthers want to record a duet of The First Noel and flood the airwaves with it, I say "Go for it". I'm just a tad bit confused when I hear that the most requested song at 74% of the office parties in the Midwest is "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" as performed by Megadeth. That just ain't right, I don't care how much eggnog you done had.

So, is there a lesson to be learned here? Most likely.

Do I know what it is yet? Absolutely not.

I think if you are going to take anything away from this post, let it be this -

Someday (and it's going to be sooner than later) you're gonna find yourself at an office party in the back room of one of those disturbingly perky restaurants on the outskirts of town, trapped near the stuffed-shrimp appetizer table talking with Shirley from HR about her kids' gymnastics class, when all of a sudden some genius decides to pop their brand spankin' new copy of TSO's Greatest Hits into the stereo.

What do you do?

Simple - you grab your ankles and die like a Marine.

And when the night is over and you've already broken every single new years resolution you have yet to set for yourself, and you've publicly eaten yourself into early retirement, and (through strategic mistletoe avoidance) managed to only kiss 7 people you didn't even know worked for your company (and will never see again) - then (and only then) will you understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Ben O

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Super Fantastic Caption Contest (#50)

Okay, get those wits out and dust 'em off.

I said "wits".

The picture this week is pretty good. Plenty of room to work with this beauty.

I told you -

Ben O.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Feedback Friday (#71)

Okay people, here's one for ya . . .

Wouldn't it be great if there was a giant tape recorder (anyone under 23 please utilize Google to learn what a "tape recorder" is)out there for each one of us just whizzing away while we go about our daily lives? Then whenever we say or do something totally awesome (which, of course, we do all the dang time) we could just plop ourselves down on the couch with an extra-size bag of Doritos and enjoy the playback.

No takers?

Oh well.

It does give me an idea for our weekly (or bi-weekly . . . or semi-per-annually) feedback session we like to call "Feedback Friday".

This week we here at company headquarters want to know about the goofiest, funniest, strangest thing you have ever said (or heard said by someone else) to a child.

Now pay attention 'cause the gray area gets a bit muddier right about now -

This isn't "Kid's say the Dang-darned-est Things" ala Bill Cosby. We all know that little girls and boys can say some really funny-cool things. I'm all about that, but not today. (Incidentally, if you want to read a PS post about something funny I overheard a kid say - check this out).

Today we want to hear about the bizarre words you have discovered leaving your mouth in response to something your child has done.

I'm gonna go ahead and get the party started this week with a pretty decent lil' gem I muttered less than 24 hours ago in what could pretty safely be described as the only logical and natural response (once you hear the statement) to something my beautiful lil' boy was doing at the time -

"Son, please stop licking the dishwasher."

You get the picture -

Ben O.

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