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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Super Fantastic Caption Contest (#56)

Okay, this week's picture is burning a hole in my hard drive.

I better skip the pleasantries and just toss it up here for you to comment upon.

I warned you.

I warned you all.

Can't wait to read those captions -

Ben O.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Feedback Friday (#77)

Okay, it's that time again.

The best day of the week, IMHO.

So, I'm watching the most craptastic movie of the season thus far, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Space Aliens and a Bunch of Other Cheesy Sillyness" and it occurred to me that I just threw away $9.75.

I almost started crying. Not at how tender the reunion scene is between our beloved hero Indy and his first, true love Marion. No, that was beyond lame. I was tearing up at how long I had worked to earn the money I spent purchasing the ticket for that crap-fest.

Here's something else - Cate Blanchett (who I normally actually like in films) was so unbelievably terrible. I was embarrassed for her and her family and her pets and her first grade teacher. I think we should have a system whereby actors who win academy awards, but then come out and lay steamy turds on screen . . . should have to give up their Oscars.

Sound fair?

I thought so -

Where am I going with all of this?

I'm going right here -

This week's assignment is for you to tell us all about your nominee for the First Annual "Okay, that portrayal sucked the big one, now hand your previously won oscar back over . . . pronto" Award.

It's simple, really. Just pick an academy award winning actor or actress who you think stunk up the screen in a film they were in after having won their award.

What is it about actors - they win the dang thing and then suddenly think they can speak every accent fluently and are God's gift to the silver screen?

Anyway, this should be fun.

I'm so looking forward to reading your comments.

Ben O.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Biff Has Been Found!

Well, it's finally over.

The nightmare can stop.

We found Evil Twin Biff (See post below).

But, if you still feel like guessing where he is (even though we already know), by all means, knock yourself out.

The Management

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Feedback Monday (#76)

Okay, a few weeks back I told you about the strange disappearance of Evil Twin Biff. Well, here we are today and he still hasn't been heard from. His desk remains as unusually clean as the day we discovered he had a desk. His parking spot has, for the past month, been inhabited by this strange little man with a hot dog and gyro stand. And, even though we figured it for a longshot, he has yet to return to his favorite new restaurant, that new Star Wars themed Asian restaurant that he loves so much - "Padmei Thai".

It's like he just vanished. Walked out into the cornfields never to be seen or heard from again.

Until that is, this morning . . .

I have in my hot little hand a veritable beacon of hope amidst the bleak and desperate vortex of insanity revolving around Evil Twin Biff's inexplicable disappearance.

It's a note.

From Biff.

Written in what appears to be either chocolate fudge or something infinitely less exciting than chocolate fudge. I know the anticipation is palpable, so I won't prolong the agony any further.

Here's what it says -

"Gone Walkabout. Took the laptop and the petty cash. Guess where I am. No, really - Guess."

It goes on to say -

"It'll be fun. Everyone loves a riddle. A puzzle. And this will be the biggest mystery to hit the internet since the confounding popularity of Facebook.

So, with that I bid you farewell. At least until somebody guesses where I am.

Forever Yours - Biff

P.S. I had nothing to do with that unfortunate "Little Bo Peep" incident in Wichita that the news has begun reporting about. Honest, I wasn't even in Kansas."

So, the rest of this post is merely academic.

Today's assignment is as straight forward as they come.

Guess where Evil Twin Biff is. It's that simple. Together we can find him . . . I believe it in my heart of hearts.

Thanks for all your help -

Ben O. (on behalf of the Management)

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