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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Super Fantastic Caption Contest (#58)

Hey Devoted Fans!!

It's back!!

The Caption Contest. Your life can return to it's meaningful, wonder-filled existence.

We're here to help.

Ben O.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Feedback Friday (#79)

Okay, we're back!

Enough with all the mushiness, let's get back to business -

This week in keeping with the election theme we sort of have going here in the land of dwindling returns, we here at Procrastination Station want to know who you would vote for if you could elect anyone you want for President.

You can't pick the ones that are actually running, that's boring.

We want to know about your dream candidate. Who is it?

But, we're not finished there. No sir!

You also have to defend your position and explain why Bret Favre would make a good Commander and Chief. What is it about Paris Hilton that you think makes her the perfect fit for the Oval Office?

This should be interesting - Ben O.

BTW - for those of you currently living outside the continental USA, tell us about your nomination for King of the World. (I always feel like I should be standing on the bow of a big ship when I say that.)

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