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Sunday, November 21, 2010

It Was About This Time a Year Ago . . .

In case you were wondering, the staff here at Procrastination Station took a year-long vacation from all things Bloggy. Well, the year's up and it's time to blow the dust out of here and get back to the work at hand.

Which is, you ask?

Not sure, but suffice it to say that new content is, and will be, forthcoming.

I know, I know - stop before the three loyal readers finally wake up and have those heart attacks they keep threatening us with.

No, seriously. Evil Twin Biff is here. The over-worked, under-appreciated intern is still down in the sub-basement trying to figure out which wire to cut . . . is it the green one or the yellow one?

I know a year-long absence might seem a tad bit excessive. Not so. Think of it as the PS version of hitting the books and getting back to basics. We're gonna blow the roof off of the Blogosphere with a load of ultra-mediocre material the likes of which you have only sniffed in your wildest dreams up until now.

Heck, when we left you all hanging on every last word, that Swedish girl was merely dabbling in lizard tattoos, an iPad was something entirely different than what it is today, and Justin Beiber wasn't even born yet.

So, set your DVR. Lock up the yak. And get those rubber hoses out of storage, 'cuz -

We're back.

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