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Friday, November 30, 2007

Feedback Friday (#70)

Okay, here's one for ya . . .

So, I'm sitting there on the couch at 2:11 AM in my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pajamas watching the last few minutes of a documentary on The Discovery Channel about this team of researchers on a 17 year long, immersive, in-the-wild, grizzly bear artificial insemination program; when this commercial comes on with one of those infinitely-less-than cute Christmas songs playing in the background and a thought suddenly pops into my head . . .

Let's do a Feedback Friday questionnaire about Christmas Music. But let's mix it up PS style and ask about Christmas Music that isn't really Christmas Music. That will be so genuine and so original that the readership of the blog can do nothing but instantaneously skyrocket into the stratosphere.

Okay, then. It's a done deal.

So, that's the assignment today -

Tell us about a Christmas song that you either like or don't like that you think shouldn't be a Christmas song. Everyone has heard them. They get snuck in there alongside the likes of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", "Deck the Halls" and "I Saw Mommy Down in the Basement Bottling Moonshine with Santa" like nobody was paying attention.

Listen here Mr. Man. We are paying attention.

We're no dummies.

So, that's what we want to know about today.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts and/or opinions on the "Poser Christmas Song" subject.

Ben O.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ten Little Piggies '07

This little piggy's in prison,

This little piggy lied about his educational background in order to get a position at one of the better companies on the West Coast,

This little piggy has separation issues,

This little piggy got fired,

This little piggy went to Whole Foods Market,

This little piggy's retired.

This little piggy likes Starbucks,

This little piggy's got none,

This little piggy took out an ill-advised mortgage loan and was so over-extended that he's subsequently defaulted into the hideous vortex of the nine rings of bankruptcy hell,

and this little piggy cried all the way home.

The End

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Set the iPod for Stun, Captain

We proudly present The Procrastination Station Top Ten Thanksgiving Songs of All Time -

1. "The Last Pumpkin Pie on Earth" by Withering Dumplin

2. "The Thanksgiving Waltz" by The Soggy Stuffing Boys (with Pappy Longflap on Stand-Up Bass)

3. "No Sleep 'Til Puddin'" by Grandmaster Greensleeves

4. "Rockin' Around the Leftovers" by Bilbo and the Baginses

5. "Please, Please, Please Let me Get What I Want . . . More Mashed Potatoes" by The Sloths

6. "Congealed Salad on My Mind" by Willie Nelson, jr.

7. "Giblet Gravy, Baby!" by Big Bad Doofus Daddy

8. "Pretty Lil' Wishbone" by Sarafina Buenoano

9. "Shoppin' at the Butt Crack O' Dawn" by Albino Forever

10. "The Cranberry Sauce Jiggle" by Mortimer Dorfman and the Mortimer Dorfman Sextet (with accompanying interpretive dance)

**Unfortunately due to an apparent severe lack of interest, the songs on this list are no longer available on iTunes (or anywhere else for that matter.)

Ben O.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Super Fantastic Caption Contest (#49)

Okay people,

I'm gonna do just one more Star Wars pic and then I'll give you all a lil' break from the force.


Great, glad we are all in agreement.

I know how much everyone out there just adores the Star Wars pics. Those freakin' Star Wars pics. You can probably see them in your sleep.


Okay then, here goes -

This one should be good.

I look forward to reading all those captions.

Ben O.

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