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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Audiozue Banner Contest

Okay, you may (or may not) have noticed my shiny new lil' clickable banner-thingy-majobber over on the left side of the screen. The pink one for Audiozue. That's the one. It's basically a word-of-blog advertisement of sorts for a new service coming out in a month or so. I found out about it through Sadie Lou and here is the best part (for me, at least) . . . every one of you weasly lil' loyal-to-the-very-end, devoted-beyond-explanation daily Procrastination Station readers that clicks that button and learns more about the music-display technology service gets yours truly that much closer to winning something very cool (I've got my heart set on the Mediterranean Cruise. No, I'm just kidding, there's a bunch of cool iTunes stuff.)

So, help me give the ever-beloved Sadie Lou a run for her money and put Ben O. atop the medal podium come April. Hopefully every click (why are you not clicking already?) helps out a friend trying to get his project up and running.

This should be fun . . .

Ben O.


Blogger flea said...

well i gave one click to you and sadie lou ~ good luck to the both of you

i would like to do this on my site too but i have no clue how to get stuff on my sidebar without fucking up my layout so i'll root for you two!!

1:37 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

I came, I clicked... yeah, that was fun.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Sadie Lou said...

may the best dork win!

wait...you HAVE an iPod.

*sour face*

1:58 PM  
Blogger Ben O. said...

Flea - thanks . . . I guess that cancels out and we are tied again. I usually don't do these things, but I like those cool prizes and Sadie is a friend (I think I am helping her out even though she is trying to pound me into the ground . . . remind me how that works again?)

Terri - thanks. Did you ever post your list of 7 songs? I was curious what yours would be.

Sadie - Don't hate me, Sista . . .

(I'll let you in on a little secret . . . I want the iTunes gift card. I'm pulling for you to win the pod. All better?)

Now back to war . . . everyone start clicking.

Ben O.
(This stuff should be illegal . . . or at least regulated.)

word verification -

fyzgyjj = the sound made when an internet friendship goes to pot over an online contest.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Sadie Lou said...

Oh man! Our friendship won't go to pot! I'm just pleased as punch that all this attention is getting generated over my boy Levi.
Thanks for pulling for me. I want you to be a part of the winning circle. I looked at the current results and some guy came out of nowhere and racked up a bunch of hits. Blast!

5:04 PM  
Blogger StringMan said...

I even gave them a few additional click-throughs on each site, just to show how committed and deep the readers of Procrastination Station are!

Bon Voyage Ben! Your dream is about to come true.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

Well, hello ;) I came by to give ya a good clickin' hehe hope ya win something wondermous :p

6:07 AM  
Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

Ben O I clicked for you :)

6:24 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

7 Songs? Hm, kinda missed that one on account of I've been distracted, much like a magpie in King Tut's treasury room. How 'bout I give you a short version here?

In no particular order, 7 songs listened to recently:
1. I don't like Mondays (Boomtown Rats) - I've started skipping it on my mp3 player cos I'm not always in the mood for it, but I like the tune; it's varied & the piano is really pretty. Good tempo too. I heard it on the radio a few minutes ago.

2. Africa (Toto) - I love this for obvious reasons. Although sung by an American (I think?) group, the song reminds me of home.

3. Vertigo (U2) - A bit overplayed on my mp3 player but a brilliant song. Full of energy, which I love.

4. Thank You (Dido) - Yep, this one made it onto my mp3 player. Definitely the best thing that came out of that horrible Eminem song. I like her voice in this song... it's easy listening.

5. This is how a heart breaks (Rob Thomas) - I could listen to this all day! I'm in love with his voice and this song has an addictive passion and energy in it.

6. All that I am (Rob Thomas) - Er, a bit of a theme going here, I know. This is one of the most unusual, melodic and hypnotic songs I've heard in a long time. I have the whole album on my mp3 player but I don't allow myself to listen to it every day because I don't want to get too used to it.

7. Bad Day (Daniel Powter) - I don't know why. It's catchy and upbeat. I just like it.

OK so it wasn't so much a short version, sorry!
Hope that satisfies your curiosity? This was more fun than I thought btw, so thanks for asking :-)

2:22 PM  
Blogger Zambo said...

Hey Ben O.

I hope all is well these days.

Sorry I haven't been by more often. (I gave a few extra clicks out of guilt)...

Good luck!

Take care out there!

Your Pal,


6:54 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

So all I have to do is click? I don't have to enter anything for you to get your hits? lol..*Confused look*.. I clicked it for ya.. I will click it till April.. (If It helps)

Have a great weekend.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Weary Hag said...

Well now the way I see it, one good click deserves another. Sure ... I'm game.

You clicked yourself on over to the Outpost today so what the heck ... off I go - clicking away in hopes you win your desired prize.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ben o...sister c here. :) i checked out the rankings, and you're in 2nd place! yea! i'll keep clicking.

also, sadie lou, i checked out your blog the other day and found it very interesting. i loved the back-and-forth comments about religion, identity, meaning...it was a great read and quite insightful. :)

2:35 PM  
Blogger Breazy said...

I clicked ! Hey thanks for stopping by my blog . Do you mind if I link you ?

9:29 PM  
Blogger Ben O. said...

Sadie - what is up with that dude? He's gettin' more hits than Happy Gilmore in a fist-fight with Bob Barker.

Strings - I saw you over at Sadie's place playing both sides. The Shame.

Tina - Thanks. I love the dancing Snoopie.

Beading Gal - Thanks Gal.

Terri - Africa, Thank You and Vertigo are all on my pod, too. Great stuff. Thanks for letting us all in on it.

No Problemo, Mr. Zambo (Sort of like poetry . . . only without the good stuff that actually makes it poetry)

Shannon - thanks and have yourself a great weekend as well. Heck, EVERYONE have a great weekend.

Weary Hag - thanks for stopping by. Fun thing, this blogsurfing thing.

Sis O. - Thanks, but I think it only allows one click per person. Oh well, thanks for hitting it once. Sadie has a great site, doesn't she?

Breazy - Link away, I always like being linked to. Thanks for stopping by.

Ben O.

12:17 AM  

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