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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Feedback Saturday (#40)

Well, this time around instead of the usual Feedback Session Galore, we're gonna kill two birds with one stone (don't worry, no actual birds were harmed in the production of this blog post) and combine Feedback Friday (Saturday) and my answers to McBlogger's recent tag.

It's such an elegant plan that I continue to marvel at the shear simplicity . . .

Here goes -

5 Things always in my purse (I have not fully succumbed to my inner metro-sexual yet and am thus still proud to declare that I do not carry a man-purse . . . so this will just have to be 5 things that are always in my moneyclip)

1 - Colorado State Drivers License (worst picture in the history of pictures)
2 - REI Membership Card
3 - Two Credit/Debit Cards
4 - Starbucks Card
5 - One . . . sometimes two dollar bills (It makes a money clip look right. Gotta have at least a buck)

5 Things always in my wallet (Hello!?! . . . this is why women are from Venus or wherever and men only need one "holder" with a couple of cards)

Next . . .

5 Things always in my refrigerator

1 - C2 (I know, I know . . . another one bites the dust. I've been drinking "half-coke" for awhile now and actually like it. I still have the real thing sometimes, but there ain't none in the fridge no-more)
2 - Cheddar Cheese (I eat enough cheese to technically be classified as 1/100th rodent. I'm sure that isn't much of a surprise to most people who already know I'm a weasel)
3 - Water (Colorado is dry, dry, dry, dry and . . . dry. Gotta drink up, people)
4 - Milk (I don't actually drink a whole lot of milk, but I steam it for Cafe Mochas all the time. Good stuff)
5 - Beer (Early and often)

5 Things always in my closet

1 - My Wife's shirts
2 - My Wife's pants
3 - My Wife's Hats
4 - My Wife's Shoes
5 - My clothes crammed in the space that is left over (Dang, I love her!)

5 Things always in my car

1 - Entertainment Coupon Book
2 - This cool Mexican blanket that we always like to have in there in case we decide to go on a picnic
3 - CDs, Tapes (yep, still got a tape player) and an iPod cassette tape adapter
4 - Fold-up Window Visor (it's been pretty freakin' hot here this Summer)
5 - Jumper Cables (practicality can be sexy . . . yes?)

5 Things always on my desk

1 - Computer
2 - Two Baskets (One for pens and crap and the other for papers and crap)
3 - Coaster for drinks (Don't wanna get the desk all messed up with water rings)
4 - Stack of Papers
5 - A noticeable quarter-inch thick layer of dust (Wow, that's actually pretty scary)

5 people I'm tagging

Here's where we're gonna zig instead of zagging . . .

For the "Feedback" portion of Feedback Saturday, go ahead and leave a comment detailing your answers to the above questions.

Don't worry, it's relatively painless and besides, we destroy all of our surplus records every 13 years. You'll still be able to run for President without this coming back to bite you in the bootie.

I promise.

Ben O.


Blogger Glenn said...

5 Things always in my purse
No purse but I have a flight bag.

- 2 head sets. One for me and one for my wife
- Flight computer (I'm too lazy to do math)
- Mini flashlight
- Navigation charts
- GPS and extra batteries (you can never get lost when you have a GPS)

5 Things always in my wallet

- Georgia DL. (I look stoned)
- 1 credit & 1 debt card
- My fill card from the local gas station which allows me to top off before I go in when I want to pay with cash
- Pilots License (I wasn't speeding officer, I was just flying really low)
- Movie Gallery card

5 Things always in my refrigerator

- Three hundred year old box of baking soda (gotta stay fresh)
- Miracle Whip (A sandwich just isn't a...)
- Tobasco (makes everything taste good)
- Milk (wife would have a melt down without it)
- Ranch Dressing

5 Things always in my closet

- Dirty clothes hamper
- Plastic hangars (wife cant stand wires type)
- Towels
- Suitcases
- Cat always sleeping on a pair of my pants on the shelf

5 Things always in my car

- Dust from the dirt road I live on
- Sunglasses (I get wicked headaches if I have to squint for more than three minutes)
- Unused napkins from fast food restaurants
- Bungie chords
- Flashlight

5 Things always on my desk

- Computer
- Little airplane toys. (Model of a P-40 Warhawk. Lego biplane. Gee Bee clock. Jacksonville Jaguars Die Cast Biplane complete with banner.)
- Cat fur (can a cat sleep in two places at once?)
- Little notes on big pieces of paper
- A noticeable quarter-inch thick layer of dust on the paper.

5 people I'm tagging

- Friends don't let friends tag each other

8:41 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

5 Things Always in My Purse:


5 Things Always in My Wallet:

Driver License
Proof of Insurance
Car Registration
Debit Card
Multiple Regular Customer Cards

5 Things Always in My Fridge:

American Cheese
Valentina salsa (straight from Mexico)
Old jar of pesto sauce

5 Things Always in My Closet:

Boxes full of clothes I no longer fit into, but won't get rid of, for some unknown female reason
Dirty Laundry

5 Things Always in My Car:

Kleenex Box (I would say tissue, but it's actually Kleenex brand)
Atlas Road Map
Tons of Mapquest Directions to a variety of race tracks
Two collapsible chairs (the type you take to the racetrack)
Butt pad for grandstands at the race tracks

5 Things Always on My Desk:

Going with work desk here since I don't really have a desk at home since I got the laptop.

POS desktop Dell computer
Brand new fancy-ass Ciscy Systems phone
Hand lotion
Kleenex box (what can I say, I suffer from allergies)
Piles upon piles of papers

11:08 AM  
Blogger LiVEwiRe said...

Lol... for a minute I thought Glenn said a 'Bee Gees' clock!

Purse: Teeny umbrella, Klonopin, lip gloss, Excedrin, a bunch of crap that fell to the bottom.

Wallet: (This makes me think of the Capital One commercials) Ohio DL, Ins cards, credit/debit cards, a big paper clip (?), and occasionally some money.

Fridge: Water, water, some veggies, mexican stuff, and water.

Closet: Plethora of hospital scrubs, blankets, boxes, other crap I didn't know what else to do with, and a tiara.

Car: Hello Kitty sun shields I never use, alot of dust, change, a sun faded magazine that isn't even mine (how DID it get there?), frappuccino stains.

Desk: Again with the dust, about 25 writing implements (including a wiggly purple lizard pen), a Happy Bunny sticker ('Despising you makes me all warm inside'), about 5 tubes of lipstick/gloss, and a scientific calculator to figure out the frickin' bills!

11:23 AM  
Blogger Zambo said...

Hey Ben!

No purse, but backpack:

1) cheques (checks in US);
2) First aid kit (small);
3) Swiss Army knife;
4) iPod;
5) Sunglasses in metal case.

In my wallet:

1) Ontario Driver's Licence;
2) Birth Certificate;
3) Social Insurance Card;
4) Health Card;
5) Credit and Debit cards.

Things in the fridge:

1) Fruit;
2) Water;
3) Juices;
4) Leftovers;
5) Milk and Soy Beverages(not mine).

Things in the closet:

1) Shirts;
2) Pants;
3) Suits;
4) Suitcases;
5) Laundry baskets.

Things in the car:

1) Spare tire;
2) Jumper cables;
3) Some basic tools;
4) Duct tape;
5) Paper towels.

Things on desk (at work):

1) Large computer monitor;
2) Phone;
3) Small fan;
4) various stacks of work (folders,
papers, notes, etc.);
5) Stapler.

WOW! I'm boring!

That's all I got right now.

Your Pal,


12:57 PM  
Blogger mcBlogger said...

Cheese...mmmm delicious, lovely cheese. My absolute favourite. I melt it directly on a plate. I figure the bread is just a conduit in which to transport the cheese, so why bother. Just skip the bread and eat the best part. mmmm cheese...more cheese....love cheese.

6:24 AM  

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